Possible Crowd Funding Project Demo Song 26

from by Wheelchair Skydiver



I'm working on some new songs using some of the best sounds from this first batch of songs with new sounds/other elements. If you want to support it go to my crowd funding page (patreon.com/user?u=2433384). I'm not sure how this will work. I think I have my patreon account set to either a monthly or a one-off 1$ payment and that would cover the first 10 or 15 demo songs that I have but I'm still not sure about the payments so I've only put two songs up so far.


from The Granny Fanny Demos, released June 12, 2015



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Wheelchair Skydiver UK

I create pretty short and fast songs. I am a fan of some recent electronic bass driven music (dubstep etc.) but I also have an interest in more traditional guitar style stuff (math rock etc.). I like to think that my music is a happy fusion of those styles. I expect the synth people would want more room for the synths and the guitar people will want guitars, but there you go, I like both. ... more

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